Provisions of the School Act related to the following two policies are currently being challenged as unconstitutional before the courts.  Consequently, these policies are subject to continuing review:

View our Safe & Caring Policy here:

Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Teaching & Learning Environment Policy

View our Student Code of Conduct Policy here:

Student Code of Conduct Policy

Download and view our calendar here:

LTCS Calendar 2018-2019

S Y Calendar 2019_2020 final

Download and view our parent & student handbook here:

2019-2020 LTCS Parent Student Handbook

Download and view our Combined AERR and Education Plan here:

Annual Education Results Report 2017-2018 and Three Year Education Plan 2018-2021

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Grades 3-6 Supply List

Grades 7-9 Supply List

Grades 10-12 Supply List







“I enjoy attending this school because of the close-knit “family.” I like this school because of the creative ideas we come up with to solve problems.” – Karina

“I like our school because we have a very strong P.E. program.” – Nathan