Programs & Academics

Living Truth Christian School is a community of students, parents, and teachers growing together. We truly have a staff that is on the same page as parents – training students to discover their unique giftings and establish their growth upon the firm, timeless, and empowering foundation of Christian truth in both thought and service.

LTCS uses the Alberta curriculum, taught from a Christian perspective, with the addition of Bible as a core course in all grades. Chapel is also an integral part of our school week.

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is the ideal place for students to enter LTCS. Many of the initial attitudes that students form about how God fits into school happen in this important first year of school. Many kindergarten students also learn to read so that they are well positioned for academic success in Grade 1. In kindergarten, learning is mixed with play, making it a happy introduction to the Christian school. Since LTCS operates on a 4-day week schedule, kindergarten students attend full days on Tuesday and Thursday each week.

Elementary Program (Grades 1-6)

The LTCS elementary program places a strong emphasis on the development of the four basic skills of “reading, writing, ‘rithmetic, and right from wrong”. Instruction is given through direct teaching and supplemented with EA support. The elementary program is rounded out with PE, Fine Arts (Art, Music & Drama) and Computers. Content in courses such as Social Studies, Science and Bible is cycled over two years.

Junior High School Program (Grades 7-9)

In junior high the program begins to focus more on content areas while still retaining a strong basic skills emphasis. The junior high school program also includes a strong PE program and opportunity for Fine Arts, Computers, Foods and a wide variety of other options such as sewing, construction, outdoor education, photography and more (based on interest of students). Content in courses such as Social Studies, Science and Bible is cycled over two years for grades 7 and 8. Instruction is given through direct teaching.

 High School Program (Grades 10-12)

June 2013 was a historic marker for LTCS with our first ever Grade 12 graduation. Since then, our senior high has grown and our graduates have set a very good example for future generations to follow. The majority of courses are taught by direct teaching with some online classes offered for more options. Our wide selection of courses provide students with the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and interests.

We offer flexibility to choose your own CTS options as well as offer options such Foods, Construction, and Outdoor Education yearly. We work with students interested in Work Experience, RAP, or Green Certificate to find the right job placement. We try to offer CTS options based on student interest such as our Agricultural option where students are involved in planting and harvesting a field. Our Construction Lab and Foods Lab let us offer hands-on experience in those CTS streams.


Badminton, track and field, cross-country and 3-on-3 basketball are our current after-school sports. We look forward to growing our sports teams as our school grows.

Special Needs

LTCS desires to work with families to provide the extra supports that some students need to help reach their potential. Supports given are based on individual student need and what we are able to provide in consultation with the family, principal and teacher.